A Complete Workflow for any SEO Professional

SEOSync digs deeper with full analysis for every page, searches for any domain and sees every place they've shown up on Google every keyword they've bought on Adwords. SEOSync provides audits for any website and gives weekly reports which makes it a complete workflow tool for any SEO professionals.

Great Overview & Graphs

SEOSync provides you a list of categories to provide you better results. At once the website URL which needs to be tracked is given, you can see how your site is doing. The dashboard offers overviews and graphs of instant access to reports, monitors, and analysis tools.

Site Audit Status Bar
Tool Status Graph

Weekly Compare Reports

SEOSync can be used to compare site reports weekly. This helps the users to let know how their sites are performing. Here the users may download their weekly reports to compare their site performance which leads to a great improvement of their site.

Site Issues and tips

SEOSync not only provides the users with site performance and reports. It also provides users with the solutions by providing tips on site issues and helps them to improve. SEOSync shows the issues on the basis of elements in which each element will be analyzed and provided better optimization of either need to improve or fix.

Site issues
Improvement Statistics

Improvement Stastics

SEOSync is inbuilt with statistics algorithm. This tool helps users much in providing better results by showing them the statistics for every issue that occurs. Improvement Statistics is the method of collecting, analyzing and making an inference from data. Also, it offers essential insight in determining which data and conclusions are important.