Who We are?

Since 2008, Hitasoft is involved in more than 500 successful E-commerce, Web and Mobile Apps development projects for our clients all over the world. There are many tools available in the market and as a web and app development company we personally were in need of a tool which fulfills all our SEO related tasks. So, we tried few amazing tools, few free version tools, few premium membership tools and many tools (let’s not get into that) in the market. But, Unfortunately we had to use separate tools for individual tasks or issues because there is not a sole one and only tool available in market to solve all the issues related to SEO. This hit us hard in our heads and gave us an inspiration to create an SEO tool which provides solutions to everything in SEO. So we endeavored to create one, and that is how SEOsyn was born.

After a few days of research we are here, yes we have created a top quality SEO tool named SEOsyn. SEOsyn is another promising venture of Hitasoft. With the ambition of providing high quality SEO tools, we keep on researching what’s next? Such extensive research has resulted in outcome of SEOsyn. Our team with vast technical knowledge, creativity and passion always maintains to keep up the promise of delivering the best. We grab all favorable circumstances and edge it to the enhancement of overall SEO.

With all this rich experience, now through SEOsyn we are bound to meet customer satisfaction and establish trust. If you are looking to enhance your websites with a single SEO tool, SEOsyn functions as the best one stop solution for every SEO issues with prices that match your budget.

To get in touch with us you can use our support desk system, Please do not hesitate to contact us.